Creativemarket Isolated Empty Plastic Bags 3852370 Free Download
Creativemarket Isolated Empty Plastic Bags 3852370
Photoshop PSD, PNG, JPG | 681 MB

30 Isolated Empty Plastic Bags in PNG

Are you on the lookout for a new kind of design that you could use to sell your business, or promote it? Then take a look at our new empty plastic bags PNG set. This has become a fine choice for creating photorealistic imagery, for adding in a stationary mock-up to your promo content, or for a more creative form of themed advertisement. Whatever the option you choose to go with, you will find that these plastic bags make it much easier for you to create a design that stands out.

By having access to 30 different bags in various PNG files, you can create some realistic imagery to help finish off an art picture. From creating an awareness advertisement to giving your business a wacky and interesting looking promotional feature, you can use our new empty plastic bags for anything you want.

They are an excellent pick for those who want to make something a bit more authentic and also with a specific theme behind the promotional campaign.

  • Comes in a collection of 30x transparent (PNG) and opaque (JPEG) files for you to work with.
  • Photoshop Mockup wit 4 premade scenes and 7 Shadow overlays included.
  • Different bags to pick from: some come with simple wrinkles, others are totally free.
  • From tiny baggies to polythene zip-locked bags, we find a style for every purpose.
  • Quality choices for a grungry art style as a background or as an advertising focal point.
  • Impressive, high-resolution imagery produced at a stunning 300DPI (Various sizes from 2000x3000px up to 4000x5000px)
  • Crispy edges come to life thanks to the carefully managed hand-cropping of each shot.
  • The perfect choice for those who wish to create a stylish, endearing Advertising campaign.

This Product contains:

  • 30 x Bags (PNG Files)
  • 30 x Bags with Black Background (jpeg Files)
  • 01x Scene Generator (Photoshop Template)
  • Preview Files

CM Isolated Empty Plastic Bags 3852370
Isolated Empty Plastic Bags 3852370
Plastic Bags
Plastic Bags Mockup
Plastic Bags Mockup PSD

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